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Manufacturing process

Frequently asked questions about our frozen fruit mixes:

Are Fresh Fruit Express smoothies healthy?

Unfortunately, many smoothies are prepared with added sugar or honey. Too much sugar is one of the main reasons of various diseases like diabetes. So when you order a smoothie ask not to add sugar or simply order a Fresh Fruit Express smoothie (which does not contain any added sugar). By using frozen fruit of superior taste and quality, the Fresh Fruit Express smoothies maintain an optimal taste without added sugar or honey. Searching for the best tasting fruit so that we don’t need to add sugar: that is what our concept is all about.

Does Fresh Fruit Express smoothies contain sugar?

Each fruit contains natural fruit sugars. However, because fruit and vegetables are necessary for a healthy and balanced diet, fruit sugars are generally accepted. Smoothies are often labeled “calorie bombs”. Unfortunately, there are foodservice locations which indeed serve these kind of smoothies, especially because of the added sugars and other ingredients. The Fresh Fruit Express smoothies, blended with our own Fresh Fruit Express base juice, only contain between 160 and 210 kcal. Our Veggie smoothies contain between 140 and 160 kcal. So that's a relatively small amount. With our smoothies (150g fruit or 150g vegetables) you get 75% fruit and 60% of vegetables of your daily requirement.

What is the best way to blend our Fresh Fruit Express fruit and veggie smoothie mixes?

Smoothies are prepared with different liquids. A smoothie prepared with water, for example, contains fewer calories than with a fruit juice, but you do make a huge concession to the taste. Because sugars are often added to the fruit juices in the market, Fresh Fruit Express has developed its own smoothie base juice based on apple juice and mango puree, without added sugar. Naturally there is sugar in the mango puree and the apple juice and you will also find that on the nutrition declaration. Our Fresh Fruit Express smoothie base juice contains only apple juice and mango puree and is 100% fruit. So no additives, but an optimal taste. We believe that the combination of excellent taste and health is the best way to achieve your daily fruit and vegetable objectives.

Is there a quality difference in fruit?

There is of course a difference in quality in fruit. For example, there are 1200 types of blueberries, of which only 1 can taste the best. The difference in quality also arises, for example, through the way of ripening the fruit, the frequency of harvesting, the speed of freezing, etc. We have been working for years to select the best tasting frozen fruit varieties and this year after year. optimize. We work with carefully selected plantations and varieties in Morocco, Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador, Serbia and South Africa, among others. We often harvest several times a year for even better quality. Our starting point is not price but always optimal quality.

What is the difference between frozen and fresh?

Many people think that fresh is better than frozen fresh. Fresh is usually qualified as “better” and more healthy. However, did you know that a so-called fresh banana is picked green in Ecuador and then gassed on the boat for two weeks to let the banana ripe in an unnatural way. That is why there is often little taste in such a fresh banana. And many vitamins are also lost on the way.

Fresh Fruit Express picks the banana from the plantation at the most optimal (taste) moment. The banana is then cut and frozen within 24 hours with a shock freezer (instant quick frozen). This provides you with a perfect 100% natural solution in taste and the vitamins are almost not lost.

On this page you will find pictures of our recent visit to the pineapple plantation in Costa Rica where you can see how things work. From 2017 we also use new more tasty pineapples. They have a much better taste because we harvest the pineapples 3 times instead of one time to get the best crop possible.

Can I add something to the Fresh Fruit Express smoothies?

Our smoothies have a perfect taste and are very healthy. Of course you can always add another ingredient. For example, we hear that athletes like to add proteins in the form of protein powder or peanut butter.

Can you combine smoothies with alcohol?

Getting healthy drunk is a slogan we often hear when somebody drinks our cocktails. Our Pina Colada (pineapple mango fruit mix - base juice - coconut powder - lemon juice - 3 ice cubes - Rum) and Tropical Cocktail (strawberry banana fruit mix - base juice - 3 ice cubes - Baileys) are already very popular in bars and discos and also the Gin Cocktail (blueberry fruit mix - basic juice - 3 ice cubes - gin) is doing very well. See also the preparation list and our new menu card.

Why do 75% of the consumers eat insufficient fruit and vegetables?

Figures from various Health Authorities show that the consumers do not eat enough fruit, vegetables and fish. Only about a quarter of the population meets the standards set by the Health Council Guidelines for Good Nutrition. One of the causes of insufficient fruit and consumption is lack of time to prepare it, high costs and especially children often just do not like fruit and vegetables. With Fresh Fruit Express fruit and vegetable smoothies you can quickly and easily get 75% of your required fruit or vegetables. Children especially like our fruit and vegetable smoothies.

What does Fresh Fruit Express do for the environment and climate?

1. Last September 2021 we installed 42 solar panels on our office.

2. From January 2022, we only have electric or hybrid cars with a plug for our sales managers.

3. Together with our logistic partner Leen Menken and all our foodservice wholesalers, we are working to bundle all the logistics of a lot of manufacturers. A project that will hopefully be realized in 2022.