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    Viareggio Concept


    Cool Cappuccino has been a great success in America for years. More and more people are also discovering this refreshing coffee drink. Cool Cappuccino also appeals to new target groups such as young people.

    In short, cold coffee is getting an important new item on your menu card.

    Viareggio is a Cool Cappuccino concept, with which you can respond to this increasing need for cold coffee drinks. Prepare a tasty and ice-cold coffee drink in the blender with 50 grams of Viareggio Cool Cappuccino powder (3 full coffee spoons), 100 ml of milk and 3 to 12 ice cubes, depending on the size. The ice cubes should be dry to get the right consistency for your drink.

    For true Baileys fanatics, replace 35 ml of milk with 35 ml of Baileys, giving the Viareggio Cool Cappuccino concept an exclusive appearance and benefiting from the brand awareness of Baileys.

    If you have a soft ice cream machine, replace the ice cubes with soft ice cream or frozen yogurt.

    You can also sell our Viareggio Cool Cappuccino instant mix in a slush machine.

    You simply put 3 liters of long-life milk in the slush and combine this with 2 x 500 grams of Viareggio cool cappuccino mix (and optional 300 ml of Baileys). You combine 6 liters of whole long life milk and 4 bags of Viareggio Cool Cappuccino instant mix in the slush.

    We now also have slush devices available in our webshop of 1 x 6 liters and 2 x 6 liters. After an hour in the slush, the Cool Cappuccino with Baileys is ready for consumption. A 300 ml consumption will cost you about 64 cents including the 300 ml whole milk. Enjoy...

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