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Veggie Express Concept


More and more consumers are aware of the relationship between health and nutrition. Fresh Fruit Express has been responding to this trend for several years with a unique Fruit Smoothie Concept. In a quick and easy way, every foodservice business owner prepares Frozen Fruit Smoothies with our different fresh fruit mixes in frozen bags, together with 250 ml Smoothie Basic Juice in our blender.

We noticed a growing demand for Vegetable Smoothies. Fresh Fruit Express has succeeded in developing a really tasty Vegetable Smoothie concept under the name Veggie Express. Three different colored vegetable combinations in bags of 150 grams, blended with 300 ml Fresh Fruit Express Smoothie base juice form the basis of 4 very tasty Veggie Smoothies.


  • Veggies can be very tasty
  • Easy, quick and fresh prepared from the freezer
  • Consistency; Our smoothies don’t go separating for at least 4 hours
  • Friendly prices
  • Long shelf life
  • Responds to the increasing demand for healthy veggie products
  • Logical addition to the Fruit Smoothies range
  • Sophisticated assortment with 3 different vegetable flavors
  • Attractive appearance due to the colors green, yellow and red
  • Supported by promotional material.

Fresh Fruit Express Horecava 2023.

Video for Promotion of your smoothies at your location

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