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The so-called Paletas ice creams are very popular in Central and South America. This is fruit in the shape of an ice cream (not water ice) on a stick. The ice cream, originally from Mexico, was introduced in 2015 by 3 French friends in Europe under the Los Pistoleros brand. These 'healthy' ice creams have now become a true hype in France. The ice creams are packed in boxes of 10 pieces. Minimum order unit is 1 outer box with 10 boxes.

We thought it would be nice to add this fruit ice cream range to our Fresh Fruit Express smoothie range.

We have selected 10 different ice creams that you can order from us in the webshop from now on. There are also 2 non-fruit ice creams and an alcohol version with mojito. You can order them per 100 ice creams in an outer box. It contains 10 boxes of 10 ice creams. You can decide for yourself which types you order in the webshop. For example 10 different types x 10 ice creams or 5 different x 20 ice creams.
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€155,00 (excl. VAT)
€168,95 (incl. VAT)
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